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Baseus Magnetic Stepless Dimming Charging Desk Lamp Pro

Compact Enough, Place It Anywhere You Like It. Mini lamp bases can be pasted anywhere and the angle can be adjusted to save desktop space.
16.00 JOD

Baseus i-wok Series USB Asymmetric Light Source Screen Hanging Light (fighting) Pro

Asymmetric Light Source, Only illuminate the desktop not the screenanti-glare. Authorized Certification Anti-blue Light Free from Stroboflash
29.00 JOD

Baseus Premium Car Ashtray

Flicking Cigarette with One Hand Humanized design, easy flicking with one hand and enjoy smoking to your heart's content.
8.00 JOD

Baseus Easy life car washing towel 40*80 CM

Soft and fluffy fiber, quick dry with a simple wipe.
6.00 JOD

Baseus T Typed Wireless MP3 Charger with Car Holder

Enjoyable music experience delivered Bluetooth 4.2, Compatible with iOS and Android systems, stable signal, 10m transmission distance.
12.00 JOD

Baseus GaN3 Pro 4 Ports Desktop Charger 100W

PowerDyna 100W Desktop Charger is a corded GaN fast charger with 4 ports, 2 USB-C, and 2 USB-A. Any of the Type-C interfaces support up to 100W output when the other 3 are idled, and will deliver the optimal power when more devices are plugged in.
39.00 JOD

Baseus MVP 2 Elbow-shaped Fast Charging Data Cable USB to Type-C 100W

Full Charge in Just 20min. Use with a 20V/5A charger to get crazy-fast 100W charging speed.
6.00 JOD

Baseus MVP 2 Elbow-shaped Fast Charging Data Cable Type-C to lightning 20W

20W Fast Charging, Tripled Speed 60% battery in just 30min, get your power back in a snap. Ultra-fast charging speed, 60% in just 30min Stable power output, non-harmful to the battery
6.00 JOD

Baseus Superior Series Fast Charging Data Cable Type-C to Type-C 100W

Full Charge of Apple Book Pro in 2 Hours 100W PD power gets a laptop fully charged quickly It is compatible with mainstream fast charging protocols including FCP and QC3.0 to fast fully charge Huawei, Xiaomi and other phones.
8.00 JOD

Baseus Matrix HDMI Splitter (2in1or 1in2)

4K HD 3D Large Screen, Viewing, Dual Modes Instant Switching, Two Pictures, Shared on Digital Light Display the Same Screen, Matte Metal Elegant and Smooth.
10.00 JOD

Baseus High Efficiency Pro 1-for-2 Car Cigarette Lighter 30W Cosmic

Safer Fast Charging without Overheating, Flame-retardant PC material with excellent heat dissipation, safer to use.
16.00 JOD

Baseus Crystal series magnetic phone case with all-tempered-glass screen protector for iPhone 14 Pro Max

Highly Compatible with Original Charging Prompt Same prompt shows up during wireless charging as the original. N52 Magnets with Strong Magnetic Adsorption 38 N52 magnets with tight adsorption.
12.00 JOD


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