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WiWU Airbuds 3

The force sensor gives you even more control over your entertainment. You can press to play, pause, and skip through songs, or answer and end calls.
35.00 JOD

Anker Soundcore Space One

Silence Voices with Powerful Noise Cancelling Surrounded by noise, trying to relax while the sounds of bickering, crying babies, and mundane work calls invade your ears. Reclaim your personal ambience with Space One, engineered to excel in reducing 2X the crowd noise, especially voices.
89.00 JOD

Anker Soundcore AeroFit Pro

AeroFit Pro open-ear headphones utilize a non-intrusive design to eliminate discomfort and allow you to enjoy a breathable listening experience. Air conduction delivers richer audio, superior to that of bone conduction. Soft, Snug, and Stable Ergonomically designed ear hooks, built with premium quality 0.7mm thick titanium memory wire, conform to the shape of any and all ears. Each ear hook is made from ultra-soft materials with a gentle finish for total comfort.
98.99 JOD

Samsung Buds FE

Galaxy Buds FE, with their compact and ergonomic design, are here to deliver an outstanding listening experience. Block out unwanted noise with Active Noise Canceling, personalize the fit with various tips and seamlessly sync with your Samsung Galaxy devices. Experience the everyday audio companion that truly caters to you. Noise off, your world is on. Active Noise Canceling instantly puts you alone with your music in a quiet space. Keep the distractions out and immerse yourself in the pure sound.
70.00 JOD

Nothing ear (stick)

Tech gets in the way too often. Of what we want to experience. The sensations. The emotions. Ear (stick) takes away those walls. This is tech you can’t feel. So you can experience everything else. Feel life. Not tech. This is enhanced comfort. Ergonomically shaped not to be noticed by over 100 pairs of ears. Lightweight. Listen. Game. Stream. Made to wear all day long.
59.00 JOD

Nothing ear (2)

When tuning Ear (2), we innovated. Perfecting the path from artist to ear. So that music sounds just as it was intended. A new dual chamber design and our 11.6 mm dynamic driver ensures playback reveals every detail. Transporting you to the recording studio, wherever you are. Studio-quality sound, anywhere. Our powerful 11.6 mm driver brings you effortlessly powerful bass and even richer high notes. Coupled with an all-new dual chamber design for smoother air flow. Giving brighter, clearer audio. Wonderfully true-to-life. A mighty refinement. Let Ear (2) tune into you. With a Personal Sound Profile that adjusts the equalizer in real-time so content is optimized just for you. Stay connected to multiple devices at the same time with Dual Connection. And for the clearest calls, we’ve made our Clear Voice Technology even smarter.
109.00 JOD

Nothing BUDS PRO

Silence the distractions. With Hybrid ANC technology, CMF Buds Pro utilizes mics both inside and outside the earpiece to cancel out noise with a depth of up to 45 dB With an extremely wide frequency range of up to 5000 Hz, it detects and effectively eliminates more types of noises. Whether you're on a busy commute or in a noisy office, you can fully immerse yourself in your favorite music.
69.00 JOD

Baseus Bowie M2s True Wireless Earphones

Nothing Extra Just Music, -48dB noise cancellation, Hi-Fi sound quality, Baseus Immersive Spatial Audio High-quality noise cancellation phone calls
39.00 JOD

Baseus AeQur V2 Wireless Speaker

Experience surround sound with the uniquely downward-facing cones for immersive surround sound and an internal passive disk for enhanced bass. Its electroplated case boasts a sleek fade finish. Enjoy 30 hours of music playback from the 1800mAh battery. Choose from 3 EQ modes—Normal, Vocal, & Outdoor—for optimal audio whether you're listening to music or watching movies. Experience true stereo output through TWS Dual-pairing by simultaneously connecting two speakers. Elevate your audio experience with this multifaceted speaker.
25.00 JOD

Baseus Bowie U2 Pro Neckband Noise-Cancellation Wireless Earphones

Powerful Noise Reduction Just Focus on Your Workout 42dB hybrid active noise reduction to mute the world for you. Professional Tuning for Premium Sound Quality 10mm tetanized composite diaphragm offers a deep and powerful bass.
35.00 JOD

AirPods Max

Introducing AirPods Max a perfect balance of exhilarating high-fidelity audio and the effortless magic of AirPods. The ultimate personal listening experience is here. The over-ear headphone has been completely reimagined. From cushion to canopy, AirPods Max are designed for an uncompromising fit that creates the optimal acoustic seal for many different head shapes — fully immersing you in every sound.
499.01 JOD

Vertux Denali gaming headphone with 7RGB MIC

Take your gaming experience to a whole other level with this ultimate high-fidelity gaming headsets. Advanced, finely-tuned 40mm drivers provide the unrivalled sound quality needed for gaming so that you hear everything with exceptional clarity. The high-grade mic ensures clear conversations between teams, even in tense situations. With in-line controls, keep the volume under your command. The gaming headset sports a must-needed one-touch microphone on/off button for gamers. With an exceptionally ergonomic design, you can enjoy long gaming sessions without any fatigue. The exceptional sound quality is paired with 7-color RGB lights to blend with your gaming setup. Denali packs everything that a gamer needs.
44.00 JOD


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