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Energizer lightning cable- Gray

The braided nylon material makes the cable ultra resistant towards twists and cuts. a fast charging ability is displayed up to a maximum range of 2.4a. It transfers at a speed of 480 Mbps when connected to sync between your devices. It can withstand more than 10,000 twists and shows more durability.
9.00 JOD

Energizer lightning cable- Purple

It displays a superior anti flex performance and is not easily tangled, a fast charging quality is portrayed up to a 2.4a capacity, It is compact, portable and safe which transfers at the speed of 480 MBps when synced with devices.
4.00 JOD

Energizer wall charger 18W

Features multi-regional plugs and worldwide compatibility, Compact and lightweight design accounts for easy portability, Smart IC for intelligent charging which is safe and reliable
15.00 JOD

Energizer wall charger 20W

This allows the charger to deliver the precise amount of power needed to charge it in the shortest possible time by using GaN (gallium nitride) technology, Energizer creates more efficient chargers this technique reduces heat, increases power capacity, and reduces the final size of each product.
20.00 JOD

Energizer wall charger 3.4A

The Energizer chargers offer powerful and smart charging solutions for your devices. Designed with the latest technologies, they come in several power options. Their sleek and compact style let them blend perfectly into the wall and their small size makes them easy to carry around.
8.60 JOD

Energizer wall charger 38W - PD20W + QC3 18W

Smaller than a standard charger, Energizer power delivery wall chargers provide maximum of power while taking up less space in your bag or when plugged into a wall outlet. It's easy to take with you wherever you go.
25.00 JOD


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