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Energizer Wall Charger 20 Watt Multi plug

This chargers recognize your devices: gaming consoles, tablets, laptop, smartphone, and charges it at the maximum speed thanks to the last generation of charge: USB Power Delivery. Power Delivery brings more intelligence to the charger and enables the detection of the device connected to it. This allows the charger to deliver the precise amount of power needed to charge it in the shortest possible time.
13.65 JOD

Energizer Ultimate USB-A to Lightning Cable

Lightning connectivity ensures quick charge and blistering-fast data transfer rates, Lightweight and easily coiled, you can carry this cable wherever you go, Long cable length allows for an easy access, Internal wiring administers a safe and consistent current output, Augmented tension points prohibit splitting of connectors
12.75 JOD

Onten mini HDMI to HDMI

Connect digital video and audio signals, HDMI to Mini HDMI cable Full copper full PIN conductor Gold-plated head.
5.00 JOD

Onten Micro HDMI to HDMI cable

HDMI to Micro HDMI cable will allow you to connect most of your digital devices with Micro-HDMI connection to a display device with HDMI interface.
6.00 JOD

Onten HDMI cable model OTN-8307

Thick Copper Core Conduct High conductivity, no splash screen Stable transmission, fluid video without lag.
6.99 JOD

RockRose CASA AC NEO Dual port fast charging 20W PD power adapter

Dual Fast Lanes. Introducing Casa AC Neo, an elegant travel charger with both 20W PD and 18W QC3.0 quick charge. It can perfectly offer 20W PD quick charge to your iPhone and it can provide fast charge to two devices at the same time with a total output up to 15W
18.21 JOD

Baseus Pudding Series Fast Charging Cable USB to iPhone 2.4A

Faster Charging Supports 2.4A current output, compatible with all Apple devices. Smart Chip Protection The intelligent chip protection.
8.00 JOD

Rockrose Magdrive GT 15W Magnetic Air Vent Wireless Charger Compatible with MagSafe

No weak link. A ring of powerful magnets help to snap the charger securely to your iPhone, and a safety mechanism is built in to ensure stable, efficient, and safe charging each time.
31.08 JOD

RockRose Casa QC Pro 18W Dual Port Charger

Introducing dual port Casa PQ Pro with faster charging technology, superior portability, USB-PD and Quick Charge 3.0, your go-to travel charger that delivers optimal charge whenever and wherever you need it.
16.08 JOD

Apple USB-C Woven Charge Cable

Charge cable is made with a woven design — with USB-C connectors on both ends — and is ideal for charging, syncing and transferring data between USB-C devices. It supports charging of up to 60 watts and transfers data at USB 2 rates. Pair the USB-C Charge Cable with a compatible USB-C power adapter to conveniently charge your devices from a power point and take advantage of fast-charging capabilities. USB-C power adapters sold separately.
20.00 JOD

Baseus Pudding Series Fast Charging Cable Type-C to Type-C 100W

6-Strand cable core of thickened copper cable, effectively lower electric resistance.
8.00 JOD

Baseus Compact Charger 2U 10.5W UK

Built-in smart chip, Charges Apple and Android Adapts to Apple and Android systems and prevents phone or battery damage.
8.00 JOD


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