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Awei Portable Series Mini Wireless Speakers

Enhance your audio experience with the awei Y336 Portable Series Mini Wireless Speakers. Enjoy high-quality sound in a compact design. These speakers are perfect for on-the-go listening, making it easy to bring music anywhere. With wireless connectivity, you can seamlessly play your favorite tunes without any hassle. Take your music with you and enjoy crystal clear sound wherever you go.
23.00 JOD

AWEI Lightning Adapter 3.5mm 2A

Experience high-quality audio with the AWEI CL-73 Lightning Adapter. This adapter allows for seamless connection between your Lightning devices and 3.5mm headphones, with a 2A fast charging capability. Enjoy superior sound with convenience and efficiency.
12.00 JOD

Awei Creative ABS Bluetooth 5.0 / Music Player Wireless Bass Stereo Speaker

Introducing the Awei Y668 Creative ABS Bluetooth 5.0 Music Player Wireless Bass Stereo Speaker. With the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, enjoy a seamless wireless music experience. The ABS material ensures durability and the stereo speaker provides rich bass for an immersive sound experience.
58.00 JOD

Awei Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Headset

Experience immersive and lag-free gaming with the AWEI A360BL Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Headset. Its advanced Bluetooth technology allows for crystal-clear audio and its foldable design makes it portable and convenient. With up to 8 hours of battery life, game for hours without interruption.
46.00 JOD

Awei Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Earphones Foldable Gaming Headset Sport Headphone with Mic Music Earbuds 300mAh

Take your music and gaming to the next level with the Awei A997BL wireless headphones. With Bluetooth technology and a foldable design, these headphones offer convenience and freedom. Plus, the built-in mic allows for easy communication. Stay in the zone with these powerful and portable headphones!
29.00 JOD

Awei Foldable 4 in 1 Wireless Charger Fast Charging Station for Cellphone Samrt Watch Earphones 15W Magnetic Charging Stand

Efficiently charge all your devices with the Awei W22 Foldable 4 in 1 Wireless Charger. Compatible with cellphones, smart watches, and earphones, this fast charging station offers 15W of magnetic charging power. Its foldable design allows for easy storage and convenience. Keep all your devices powered and organized with one sleek device.
29.00 JOD

Awei 2.4A USB Car Charger Dual-Output USB Super Fast Charging Chargers COD

Take your charging on the road with the Awei C-830 USB Car Charger! With dual-outputs and 2.4A fast charging, you can power up your devices while on the go. No more worrying about low battery on your adventures! Get yours now for ultimate convenience and peace of mind.
6.00 JOD

Awei Bluetooth 5.3 Speaker Portable TWS Hifi Wireless Speaker USB Outdoor Mini Loudspeaker Music RGB Light Playback

The Awei Y525 Bluetooth 5.3 Speaker is a portable TWS Hifi wireless speaker that delivers high quality sound and features an RGB light display for a visually stimulating experience. With easy USB connectivity, this speaker is perfect for outdoor use and provides an immersive music playback experience. Upgrade your audio game with Awei Y525.
40.00 JOD

Awei Wireless Power bank For iOS & Android Cellphone External Battery Fast Charge Desktop Power bank For Smart Watch

This Awei W21 15W Wireless Power bank is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, providing fast charging and extending battery life on-the-go. With its 15W output, it can also charge smart watches and other devices. Stay connected and powered up with this convenient desktop power bank.
23.00 JOD

AWEI Wireless Earbuds / Bluetooth 5.3/ Stereo In-Ear Earphones with Microphone

Expertly designed for optimal sound quality, the AWEI T26 Pro Wireless Earbuds offer the latest in Bluetooth 5.3 technology with advanced noise cancelling capabilities. With its waterproof and comfortable design, these true wireless earphones are perfect for on-the-go use. Enjoy hands-free calls and immersive sound with these sleek and stylish black earbuds.
46.00 JOD

Awei RGB Gaming Headset with Mic Over-Ear Headphones Bluetooth 5.3

The Awei A200BL RGB Gaming Headset with Mic boasts an advanced Bluetooth 5.3 connection for low latency wireless playback and crystal-clear HiFi sound. Experience next-level gaming with over-ear headphones that feature an RGB design and a built-in mic for seamless communication. Elevate your gaming experience with Awei.
29.00 JOD

Awei Multi USB 4 in 1 Data Cable 2.4A Fast

Maximize convenience with the Awei CL-129 Multi USB 4 in 1 Data Cable. This cable is designed for fast charging, with a 2.4A output. Its multiple USB ports allow you to charge up to 4 devices at once, making it perfect for those on-the-go. Never compromise on charging speed again.
18.00 JOD


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