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Baseus Magnetic Stepless Dimming Charging Desk Lamp Pro

Compact Enough, Place It Anywhere You Like It. Mini lamp bases can be pasted anywhere and the angle can be adjusted to save desktop space.
16.00 JOD

Baseus i-wok Series USB Asymmetric Light Source Screen Hanging Light (fighting) Pro

Asymmetric Light Source, Only illuminate the desktop not the screenanti-glare. Authorized Certification Anti-blue Light Free from Stroboflash
29.00 JOD

Baseus Matrix HDMI Splitter (2in1or 1in2)

4K HD 3D Large Screen, Viewing, Dual Modes Instant Switching, Two Pictures, Shared on Digital Light Display the Same Screen, Matte Metal Elegant and Smooth.
10.00 JOD

Basus A7 Car Vacuum Cleaner Filter

Only original vacuum cleaner filters will work best when replacing vacuum cleaner cartridges. If you use the Baseus A7 model, we offer you a set consisting of two strainer filters. HEPA means efficiency, high filtration quality and real improvement of the climate in your immediate surroundings.
7.00 JOD

Basus A3 Car Vacuum Cleaner Filter

Dual Filtration System Air and Dirt Separation HEPA filter is highly efficient in stopping dust, with a removal efficiency of over 99.7% for particles below 0.3 microns in diameter. An air and dirt separator prevents secondary air pollution.
8.00 JOD

Xiaomi Massage Gun

Amplitude, frequency, and force are the keys to a good massage gun that can help relieve muscle soreness that occurs after exercise and improve athletic performance. Xiaomi Massage Gun can provide high-level performance in the above three aspects, along with the intelligent power control, to give you stable deep tissue massage.
98.99 JOD

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 has a Particle CADR of up to 400m³/h, able to deliver 6660L of purified air per minute, and with 360° all-round air intake, whole-room air purification is effortless.
199.00 JOD

Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compressor 1S

The high-precision die-cast cylinder block made from alloy materials inflates from 0 psi to 150 psi in just 20 seconds, making it suitable for use with shock absorbers on mountain bikes, as well as high-pressure tires on road bikes. Ready to ride with you. Highly accurate air pressure sensors means no more fiddling with manual pumps Digitally controlled air-pressure sensors improve inflation accuracy to ±1 psi, putting an end to back-and-forth tire pressure checking as you inflate. The Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compressor 1S automatically stops inflating your tires when your desired pre-set pressure is reached. It also remembers your pressure values, so you don't have to set up repeatedly. Lithium batteries mean no external power source is required, and no more cumbersome power cables are needed.
45.00 JOD

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+

The fully automatic smart all-in-one station supports all-in-one multi-dimensional functions such as auto dust collection, pad washing, hot dry and refill. Dust collection frequency and mop cleaning modes can also be set for completely hands-free use. The all-new S-Cross AI™ Advanced 3D obstacle recognition and avoidance sensor system with millimeter-level* sensor precision supports object and environment identification, controlled cleaning motion and stable obstacle avoidance. The Advanced AI camera uses an AI graphics algorithm to identify various obstacles on the floor and in rooms around the home. Flexible planning of avoidance paths and cleaning sequences, for smart home cleaning without manual intervention.
849.00 JOD

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10 is equipped with laser navigation technology, which can achieve 360° scanning, quickly identify the home environment and build an accurate home map. Raised LDS sensor with 360-degree detection range. The robot features a cutting-edge laser distance sensor that enables precise positioning, accurate distance measurements and better performance.
299.00 JOD 399.00 JOD

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E10

4 adjustable suction levels for easy cleaning of dust and debris and removal of minute dust particles.110-min of battery life under standard mode (vacuum & mop with a 2600mAh capacity, quipped with high-quality parts, including side brush, main brush and dust box filter, with multi-directional coordination for a complete and efficient cleaning experience. Equipped with a smart water tank with 3 water flow levels, the unit can adjust water discharge based on different floor types to protect flooring from being oversoaked.
179.00 JOD 249.00 JOD

Xiaomi Smart Humidifier 2

The perfect indoor environment, enjoy fresh mountain air in your own home. The humidifier uses UV-C ultraviolet sterilization technology to eliminate bacteria, and then releases purified mist to cleanse the surroundings. The water tank features a transparent water level indicator so that you can keep an eye on the water level without lifting the lid.
39.00 JOD


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