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RockRose dashboard mount magnetic holder

Introducing Any view Bar II dashboard mount magnetic phone holder for your car, featuring powerful magnets, swivel ball joint, strong adhesive, and a quality build.
10.00 JOD

Baseus Light Electric Holder Wireless Charger(15W)

15W quick charge allows for faster charging - 50% within 1 hour (vs 15% within 1 hour using 5W wireless charger). Included in package are two types of mount: for the air vent and the dashboard. Try them and see which one works better for you. In addition, when fully charged the light softly changes color. Also, charging starts automatically within a second of placing the device. International Qi Alliance Certification and 9 levels of protection guarantee flawless operation and safety of your device. Plus, an Infrared sensor detects the phone and automatically closes once the phone is placed in.
28.00 JOD

Baseus Mini gravity holder Black

Gravity air outlet car phone holder , Compact size – Mount is mini in size so it not blocks whole air outlet and your field of view. Easy to use – Without annoying adjusting. Thanks to the auto clip, the holder is always ready to put down and ready to take away. Without gears = without noise – The gravity stretched mechanism has no gears, friction or noise. Fully adjustable – Full 360 view with easy 90 horizontal and vertical angle rotations.
8.00 JOD

Baseus Invisible Phone Ring Holder silver

Super thin at 2.1mm in profile : almost invisible when installed on the back of a phone as it’s 2.1mm in thickness. Strong bonding : premium-selected, high-quality 3m adhesive holds firmly and stays on, capable of bearing the weight of 5kg which is about the weight of 25 mobile phones. Metallic texture : simple and elegant appearance, made of pure zinc alloy, the surface has been electroplated creating a smooth and elegant metallic finish. 3-in-1 design – finger ring / kickstand / magnetic pad : integrates a mobile phone ring, a mobile phone kickstand, and magnetic car mount for an all-purpose must-have accessory. Can be easily packed into pocket : designed to never make your legs uncomfortable or block your pants pockets when trying to put your smartphone into your pants pocket. Completely flat for flat surfaces : parallel and flat ensuring that it never bothers user by wobbling uncontrollably.
6.00 JOD

Energizer all in one carkit for iPhone 12 mini

Car Charger, Cable, Air Vent Mount, Wireless Earphones, Back cover.
17.40 JOD


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