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Oscal Pad 70

With rounded corners that complement its symmetrical frame precisely, Pad 70 is intended to be the epitome of elegance. It is so thin and light that you can carry it in hand or put it in a tote to take it anywhere easily. The 10.1-inch HD+ Display built into the Pad 70 presents the most accurate scenario with sharp details and vibrant color, making it perfect for reading, binge-watching, online conferences and classes. With the help of Memory Expansion Technology, Pad 70 offers up to 3GB of visible RAM, allowing you to expand the RAM to up to 7GB, assuring a fluid experience when using multiple apps at once. With 6580mAh of mega power beneath the hood, Pad 70 will be your dependable travel companion for surfing or streaming, providing 6.2 hours of website browsing and 4.7 hours of movie playback.
84.00 JOD

Oscal Pad 15

Adhering to the DNA of the OSCAL Pad series with a minimalist and sleek design, Pad 15 is crafted with an exquisite back finish for a truly tactile comfort and classic look. With flat edges and round corners, Pad 15 sits comfortably in your palms. The 10.36-inch wide screen with 2K resolution draws you into a captivating visual feast with stunning clarity and vibrant colors, bringing all content back to life, whether streaming movies, playing games, or reading papers and novels. Oscal Pad 15 has multiple eye comfort modes to take care of your eye health. Night Light Mode provides warmer colors at night to promote better sleep; Multi-layered Dark Mode staves off eye strain; Reading Mode creates a Kindle-like format, catering to both seniors who read newspapers and college students who search for academic papers. With Widevine L1 support, you can get access to 1080P Full HD video streaming on platforms like Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. Don't be afraid of missing out on the latest epic sci-fi movies, action-packed fighting movies, or thrilling horror movies, breaking free from the high pressure of daily work and studies. with 8,280mAh Gigantic Battery Up to 20 Days of Standby The power to keep you going all day! —Experience uncompromised productivity, limitless entertainment and productive working with Oscal Pad 15. Oscal Pad 15 incorporates a Unisoc T606 octa-core processor for your speedy downloads and uploads and stunning graphics and photos with lower power consumption, whilst letting you do more simultaneously. From pixel-intensive games to multitasking, Pad 15 will be your faithful partner and a compliant assistant.
159.00 JOD

Oscal Pad 10

By integrating the latest artistic forms and a impressive sense of technology, OSCAL designers skillfully pack a larger battery into this slimmer-than-ever OSCAL Pad 10. With semi-flat-edged design and upgraded matte finish, OSCAL Pad 10 is pleasing to look and more comfortable to hold. The 10.1-inch bigger display on OSCAL Pad 10 contributes to unlimited visual pleasure with optimized colors accuracy and more splendid details on screen. Thanks to the eye-comfort support, every glance at it just feels smooth and comfortable. Widevine L1 powered, OSCAL Pad 10 makes theatre-like enjoyment possible anywhere. Whether it is to watch block-blusters at home or stream the latest animation movies on the subway on, Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video, OSCAL Pad 10 has them covered all with 1080p viewing joy. Thanks to the 6580mAh battery, OSCAL Pad 10 delivers longer-than-expected support for all-day outdoor exploration, continuous gaming indulgence or intensive office work. Plus, the 10W charging is timely enough to provide efficient juice-refilling in case you are in a hurry.
128.00 JOD


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