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Ezviz T31 remote control smart plug

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Manufacturer: Ezviz
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Product Information
Compact and powerful, the T31 Wi-Fi Smart Plug enables you to turn your appliances on or off remotely. You can also set them to operate on a schedule, ultimately turning your common devices into smart ones.

Real-Time Power Usage Monitoring:
We thought you might want to know how much your appliance is costing you to run. T31 tracks the power consumption of connected devices over time and presents detailed reports on the EZVIZ App so that you can keep your electricity bills low.


Several Control Options:
Make life easy by scheduling devices to go on and off at specific times of the week. You will never again have to worry whether you’ve left the iron on when you go out – you can check it remotely and turn it off if you need to.


Supports A Wide Range of Devices:
With a maximum wattage of 2800, the T31 can handle just about every high-energy home appliance you’ve got.


Adjustable Indicator Brightness:
Do any of your devices have exceedingly bright LED lights keeping you up at night? T31 has brightness-adjustable indicators. Use the EZVIZ App to make the plug fit perfectly with your environment.

This product is guaranteed for one year by the authorized device vendor.
Key features
  • Power supply : AC 110V-240V
  • Output Current : MAX. 16A
  • Output Power : MAX. 3,840W ( Input Voltage 240V)
  • Dimensions : 100.5 × 54.7 × 71 mm
  • Weight : 115g
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