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Awei Bluetooth 5.3 Speaker Portable TWS Hifi Wireless Speaker USB Outdoor Mini Loudspeaker Music RGB Light Playback

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Manufacturer: Awei
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Product Information
The Awei Y525 Bluetooth 5.3 Speaker is a portable TWS Hifi wireless speaker that delivers high quality sound and features an RGB light display for a visually stimulating experience. With easy USB connectivity, this speaker is perfect for outdoor use and provides an immersive music playback experience. Upgrade your audio game with Awei Y525.
This product is guaranteed for one year by the authorized device vendor.
Key features
  • Battery : 1,800mAh
  • Bluetooth version : 5.3 (Jieli 6965E)
  • Max. power : 10W
  • Charging time : 4h
  • Playing Time : 3 hours at maximum volume, 5 hours at 60% volume
  • Input port : Type-C, 5V/2A
  • Frequency : 80Hz-15kHz
  • Dimensions : 105mm * 105mm * 115mm
  • Special features : Battery indication: supported | TWS (1+1 series connection): 2 Bluetooth speaker can be connected in series wirelessly to form a 2.0 stereo effect | Horns: 66-85F , 4Ω, 10W | Channel system: mono