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Xiaomi Yeelight Lightstrip Plus

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Manufacturer: Xiaomi
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Product Information
The Xiaomi Yeelight Lightstrip Plus is a great option for lighting up your environment in style. It features a flexible LED strip that offers diverse flowing colors thanks to its high-quality LEDs. The Lightstrip is flexible enough to be molded to any object to create ambient light in any shape or direction you want. It also features a controller with a one-button control feature that conveniently lets you change colors with ease. The Lightstrip can be programmed to turn on/off or to switch colors at a set time of choice. The colors can even be synced with your music to add a beautiful aesthetic to every moment. It can be remotely controlled anytime or anywhere thanks to its Mi Home App support for mobile devices.
Additional specs:



Prolonged joy for every moment: Yeelight aurora can be conveniently cut and pasted under the tv, bookcase or even the sofa. The colorful atmosphere paints your home with more joy.


High applicability to meet diy needs: Yeelight aurora is flexible enough to be easily molded to any object, allowing you to achieve your toughest diy projects. Use your imagination to bring your projects to life. You can conveniently outline your game table with aurora and enjoy the excitement when the lights echo in games.


Various smart features: It is compatible with google assistant and amazon alexa for intelligent voice control and supports hands-free control of the switch, brightness, scenes and more. In addition, you can synchronize the track with the yeeight app and the mi home app, which include pre-customized lighting scenes for your convenience, such as a birthday party, movie night or romantic dinner.


Let light dance to music: Sync the lights to your favorite music and watch the colors of the lights change to the beat of the songs. Whether it's a party or a celebration, these lights present a perfect complement to the background music to create a cheerful atmosphere.

This product is guaranteed for one year by the authorized device vendor.
Key features
  • Supported operating systems : Android 4.4&iOS 8.0 and above
  • Weight : 280 g
  • Power : 0.4
  • length : 2 M
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