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Belkin 2,4 Amp USB Charging 4-outlet Surge Protection Strip

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Manufacturer: Belkin
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Product Information
The Belkin 2,4 Amp USB Charging 4-outlet Surge Protection Strip, power extension from wall outlets that help prevent voltage fluctuations and protect valuable electronics from damaging power surges and spikes that can degrade their overall performance. These power surge protectors safeguard your desktop computers, laptops, printers, routers and other home-office devices against damage, data loss, file corruption, and system crashes.

Additional specs


Protects against spikes and fluctuations : connecting your electronic devices to the belkin surge protection strip protects them from unexpected power surges, such as short circuits and lightning strikes. The surge protection strip also keeps your devices safe from sudden voltage fluctuations or low-level spikes and drops that can damage or even destroy electronics over time.


Two 2.4 amp usb ports for charging : charge your portable devices quickly while protecting them from damage and data loss thanks to two integrated usb ports. Ideal for smartphones, tablets, these usb ports charge at 2.4 amps*, offering faster charging times than traditional usb ports, with added protection.


Surge protection up to 525 joules : this surge protection strip is rated to handle up to 525 joules and is designed to shield home-office electronics against harmful voltage fluctuations, surges, and energy spikes. Oversize metal oxide varistors (movs) absorb excess electricity and release it as heat. Fiberglass mov covers also help contain or smother fire if a large surge causes the movs to ignite.


Heavy-duty 2-meter power cord : protect your connected devices while keeping the belkin surge protection strip out of the way thanks to a 2-meter power cord. A heavy-duty design helps protect the cord from damage and ensures optimal power flow to your devices.

This product is guaranteed for one year by the authorized device vendor.
Key features
  • length : 2 M
  • Ports number : 4-Outlet Surge Protection Strip with 2 USB Ports